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November General Election: The Secretary of State's office has mailed November General Election ballots to all active registered voters in the state.  Look for those in the upcoming days.  You may vote the absentee ballots or bring them with you… Read More...

Town Meeting Information

Town Meeting Information

Town Meeting Day in the Town of Braintree is held on the Saturday preceding the Vermont Town Meeting Day. This year, Town Meeting will be held on February 26th at 9:00am at the Braintree Town Hall. Please see below for information on how to attend this year’s Town Meeting in person and remotely. More information on Town Meeting is available from the Vermont Secretary of State.

Town Meeting Warning 2022

What to Expect for Town Meeting 2022

This year, we will hold Town Meeting in person at 9:00am at the Braintree Town Hall. For those that wish to participate virtually, we will have a remote participation option. Please note: remote participants will NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE on Town Meeting Articles and will not be able to participate in the discussion as the law related to Town Meetings does not allow for this.

If you attend Town Meeting in person, you must wear a mask when inside the Town Hall. Our traditional potluck lunch event will be suspended this year, but we hope to resume the lunch offering next year as conditions allow.

Town Meeting 2022 remote participation information

Please click here at 9:00am (or earlier, to test your connection) on February 26, 2022 to participate in Town Meeting virtually. You may also call (802) 210-4472, PIN 16445. Please remember to mute your line when not speaking!