Election Information

Election Information

November 8, 2022 – General Election Information for Braintree Voters

Starting September 26, 2022, the November 8th General Election ballots are being mailed to all active Vermont voters. If you did not receive your ballot, please contact the Braintree Town Clerk.

The Braintree polling place for the General Election is the Braintree Town Hall, located at 5379 VT Route 12A in Braintree. The polls will open at 9:00am and close at 7:00pm.

How to vote your ballot

Once you receive your ballot, voting it is as easy as Sign, Seal & Send!

  • Sign: Place your voted ballot in the ballot envelope and sign the certificate on the outside of the envelope, following all instructions included with your ballot.
  • Seal: Seal your signed ballot envelope, with your voted ballot inside. Place and seal your ballot envelope inside the mailing envelope.
  • Send: Return your ballot to the Town Clerk. They must have your ballot in hand by 7pm on Election Day (Tuesday, November 8) for it to be counted!

How you return your ballot is up to you. You may return your ballot:

  • By mail: We recommend mailing your ballot package no later than Monday, October 31st to ensure adequate time for it to be delivered to the Town Clerk.
  • In person: Bring your ballot to the Town Clerk’s office during the normal business hours.
  • Drop off at a secure ballot drop box before Election Day: There is a ballot box located at the Braintree Town Office located at 932 VT Route 12A in Braintree.
  • Bring your ballot to the polls on Election Day: Bring your ballot to the polling location (Braintree Town Hall) on Election Day (November 8, 2022) before the polls close at 7pm.

Other important information

Recent redistricting has resulted in Braintree being moved to the Washington Senate District, therefore Braintree voters will be able to vote for Washington Senate District candidates, and will not be able to vote for Orange Senate District candidates. Note that no change has been made to the House District, so Braintree remains in the ORA-WAS-ADD House District.

For a complete list of candidates running in the general election click here.

Visit the Vermont Secretary of State Voter Information Page for other voting information.