Update on Progress of Braintree Town-Wide Reappraisal

BRAINTREE, VERMONT, September 3, 2019 – With the town-wide reappraisal of all property well underway, the Braintree Board of Listers reminds residents and property owners that much work remains. The professional appraisers from the Vermont Appraisal Company have already visited over 100 properties on the northeastern part of Braintree and are continuing to work their way westward. The Board of Listers has been mailing appointment notice cards to property owners 10 – 14 days ahead of the appraisers’ visit, allowing time to reschedule visits when necessary. Property owners in the Braintree Hill/Bent Hill/Thresher Road areas of town should be receiving appointment notices in the next several weeks.

The first phase of the reappraisal involves visiting and assessing “developed” properties only. This excludes properties that contain only land with no dwellings, camps or outbuildings. The typical visit takes 30 – 45 minutes and, with the owner’s permission, involves taking exterior measurements and photographs of all buildings on the property. In addition, and again with the owner’s permission, an assessment of the interior of the dwelling is made. Property owners are reminded that in order to make the most accurate and complete assessment of their property, the ability to appraise a dwelling’s interior is crucial.

The town-wide reappraisal is a year-long process concluding in the summer of 2020 with the completion of the 2020 Grand List on which next year’s taxes will be assessed. Property owners will receive written notice in the spring of 2020 indicating any changes in the assessed value of their property. This notice will also include instructions for how to contest (or “grieve”) any change in assessment.

For more information please contact the Braintree Board of Listers at 802-728-9787 extension 5 or via email at braintreelisters@gmail.com