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November General Election: The Secretary of State's office has mailed November General Election ballots to all active registered voters in the state.  Look for those in the upcoming days.  You may vote the absentee ballots or bring them with you… Read More...

Clerk Services

Clerk Services

Document recording fees$15/page
PTTR (Property transfer tax return)$15/document
Survey plat recording fees$25/sheet
Certified copy of records (no change)$10/page
Examination of records (vault time)$4/hour

Multiple assignments or releases included on one document are charged $15/assignment or release.

Contact the Clerk’s office with any questions – 802-728-9787 ext. 3

Dog License and fees:

Stop by any time before April 1st to register your dog. A current rabies certificate is required. Altered Dogs – $9

Un-altered Dogs – $13

Feel free to call if you have any questions or if you’d like us to mail you your tags 802-728-9787, ext. 3.