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Push to Expand Internet in Braintree

The Braintree Connectivity Committee is working to bring high speed internet to all of Braintree. The Connectivity Committee has held information meetings for specific areas where coverage is poor or nonexistent. Now they are appealing to town residents as a whole, asking them to subscribe.

ECFiber is the only entity planning potential Braintree-wide service. Unlike all other service providers in the area, ECFiber is a non-profit, community owned internet service provider whose mission is to deliver high speed internet to its’ member towns – not make a profit for shareholders.

What residents do will influence ECFiber’s decision about where to build out their service in 2018. To try to get ECFiber to install service in Braintree sooner rather than later, the Connectivity Committee needs interested residents to go to ECFiber.net and subscribe their house (or houses) to ECFiber before the end of May. If they don’t have a way to sign up over the internet, they can call EC Fiber at 802-763-2262 and they will help. While the subscribing process can take some time and may sound like a commitment, it isn’t the commitment it may seem. There is no cost to subscribe, and there is no obligation to sign up or pay for service once it becomes available.

Here are a few of the advantages of helping to bring ECFiber to Braintree:

  • EC Fiber supplies truly high speed internet service at the same speeds uploading and downloading. Minimum speed is 10 MBPS, and is available up to 500 MBPS.
  • Once you get a high speed connection, you can also install a cell phone extender so you can have cell phone reception in and immediately around your house.
  • Their optical fiber landline telephone service, if you choose to use it, has excellent sound quality, and is probably better than your current service.
  • Even if you already have high speed internet service, ECFiber availability will offer you alternatives for equal or much higher speed service.
  • Truly high speed service benefits you and your neighbors by making our town more livable in this increasingly digital era and potentially increases resale value.

If you have questions, or simply want to hear the discussion about signing up for ECFiber, the Connectivity Committee will be holding an information meeting on Monday May 22th at 7 PM at the Braintree Town Hall.