Planning Commission Minutes – Sept. 14, 2017

Braintree Planning Commission: 14 September 2017


Attending:        Bob Moyer, Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Jenn Phipps, Nathan Cleveland, Joan Richmond-Hall


The meeting convened at 7:08 pm.


Energy siting revisions:

  • We will submit the revised plan with the language proposed by TRORC.
  • We could address additional issues during the period of the MPG.
    • Scale of solar installations in different areas.
    • We could look at strengthening the protections of the viewshed in our rural scenic areas with language.


Water / flood portion of the revised Town Plan:

  • Malcolm wonders whether this section is using the word ‘heavy’ appropriately.
  • We agreed to revisit this once we are working with the Municipal Planning Grant. For now, we agree on the current changes.
    • Identify sections of town identified by Irene and the amount of rainfall per hour during the storm.
      • What FEMA projects were done in Braintree?


  • Old Bass & Spear’s Bridges have been designated as ‘archeologically significant’ after survey by the state. We should note this in the revised town plan.


Motion was made, and passed, to recommend the current revisions to the select board for adoption.


Adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Next PC meeting and public hearing on the Town Plan revisions:             12 October 2017


Select board meeting would probably follow on 7 November 2017.


/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall