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Planning Commission Minutes – May 11, 2017

Braintree PC meeting of 11 May 2017


Attending: Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Joan Richmond-Hall, Bob Moyer, Linda Doane, Jenn Phipps


Guest: (& prospective new member) Nate Cleveland


Convened: 7:24 pm


We used this meeting to catch up on pending business, plan for our next work and to introduce ourselves and our work to Nate Cleveland.


Linda announced that this would be her last meeting, though she’ll continue to serve on the DRB. Linda has generously reached out to find her own replacement and invited Nate to come and see whether he’d be interested. And fortunately, he is! Bob also announced that he’ll be stepping down from the PC at the end of his current term, though he too will continue to serve on the DRB.


We discussed the timing our upcoming revisions of the Town Plan, due in 2017. Our revisions focus on energy planning and stormwater / flooding issues. The energy planning must align with TRORC’s energy plan that has been submitted for approval but is not yet approved. The TRORC plan sets renewable energy targets for Braintree and provides us with data and sample language. We may prohibit large renewable energy installations from some areas as long as we allow them in other parts of town in a way that will allow us to meet our targets. Braintree, along with Randolph and Bethel, are the first three towns to work on energy planning and we are meeting with TRORC and the other towns to work on energy planning. We are wondering whether we’d be wise to apply for an extension and will discuss this with our meeting with the larger energy planning group on 24 May.


Meanwhile, TRORC has provided us with maps that show optimal areas, optimal areas within one mile of three-phase power, and areas eliminated by environmental, agricultural and other issues. Joan will distribute:

  • Those maps for solar and wind power;
  • Target and energy planning information from TRORC; and
  • The latest news from Kevin Geiger at TRORC.


The PC would like to meet jointly with the Conservation Commission and representatives from the Braintree Historical Society (Jackson Evans?) in June for input into energy planning.

We’d also like to speak to Catamount Solar, though they may attend the energy planning meeting on 24 May.


We may plan a summer meeting at the college where we could compare energy planning maps with other useful layers from Vermont ANR and Braintree zoning.


Next PC meeting: June 8th @ 7 pm to discuss amendments to the 2010 Zoning Ordinance to improve language on 6 month siting of RVs and motor homes, equalizing side and rear setbacks, and determining / measuring road right-of-way.


/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall