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Planning Commission Minutes – February 13, 2020

Braintree Planning Commission meeting of 13 Feb 2020
Attending: Jenn Phipps, Paul Kendall, Jackson Evans, Joan Richmond-Hall
Convened at 7:10 pm
We reviewed the goals of the Town Plan in light of our simplification of the draft plan.
Goals:  Eliminate redundancy;  Fill holes; and
 Write for simple clarity.
Questions for TRORC:  Are water resources a required element. Does drinking water have to be included?
 Do we have to have a mineral resources section? And can we just say gravel rather than
mineral resources?
 Is ‘Use good planning practices within designated Flood Hazard Areas and Fluvial Erosion
Hazard Areas’ a required boilerplate goal for all plans?
 Snowsville now a Hamlet. We’d still like to seek Village Center status. Should that goal
go in the plan’s village or hamlet section?
 What are the likely planning implications for Braintree and other TRORC towns if H.926
(changes to Act 250) passes?
Paul will work on drafting sections of the plan.
Adjourned at 8:40 pm
Next meeting: Thursday 12 March at 7 pm
/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall