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Planning Commission Minutes – Aug. 8 2019


Jenn Phipps, Paul Kendall, Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Jackson Evans, Joan Richmond-Hall

Convened: 7:10 pm

The committee reviewed final changes to the land use chapter and is on agreement on most issues.

Next steps:

(1) Malcolm will draft a paragraph about side-plain flooding that may clarify this section and send it to members.

(2) Joan will send our final draft of the Land Use chapter to Tori at TRORC for critical review of content and language. Our major concerns: have we included all necessary elements; does our language comply with State statute and TRORC’s regional plan.

(3) Joan will compile all Town Plan chapters reviewed and revised to date and will send this draft to committee members for a reading. Task: read the whole with fresh eyes following our conceptual changes to the Land Use chapter. Look for conflicts, contradictions and repetitions and ask whether each chapter reflects the vision of the town’s future that we’ve focused on in the last few months.

Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Next meeting: 12 September 2019, 7 pm at the Town Offices

/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall