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Planning Commission Meeting – February 22, 2018

Braintree PC Meeting of 22 February 2018


Attending: Joan Richmond-Hall, Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Nathan Cleveland


Guests: Chris Damiani of TRORC


Convened at 7:10 pm.


Braintree did not get a municipal planning grant, but Chris will be able offer us some help – hours and dollars – to revise the Town Plans. Chris brought a basic outline of tasks, hours and costs. We can change the specifics a bit as needed.


Timeline: work on revisions for the next seven months and submit to the select board by the end of 2018.


Working model: Assign primary responsibility for each chapter, exchange notes before our next meeting, review at the meeting. Rinse, repeat.

Where there is important new language we should consider, Chris will get it to us as we are reviewing the relevant sections of the plan. We know there will be new language for Forests (habitat blocks & corridors) and Land Use. We should review the Forest Act 171 webinar.


General goals:

  • Tightening the introduction and moving relevant material to other chapters.
  • Ensuring that recommendations are specific, realistic and assigned.
  • Checking ‘shall’ vs. ‘should’ language.
  • Solicit a list of problematic issues from Holly and Jeff and be sure that Zoning changes we want to make will be supported by the revised Town Plan.


We are interested in conducting a brief survey as we begin the process of revision. Plan:

  • Free 10-question via Survey Monkey with hard copies at the town meeting.
  • Chris will send the old survey and PC will develop questions.
  • We’ll exchange ideas this week and aim to have hard copies of the survey at town meeting on 6 March.
  • Likely hot topics: accessory dwelling units; stormwater / flooding quality and quantity


Our first set of chapters to review for next month’s meeting:

  • Introduction (Joan)
  • Demographics (Nathan)
  • Economic development (Nathan)
  • Relationship to other plans (Joan)


Other issues:

  • Add preferred energy areas
    • Use a student photo contest to illustrate the concept of ‘scenic’ and add historical notes to the new town plan; contact schools.
  • Use footnotes for data sources to keep the text tight.


Adjourned at 8:35 pm. Next meeting: 22 March 2018, 7pm at the Town Offices


/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall