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Planning Commission Meeting – August 9, 2018

Braintree PC Meeting of 9 August 2018


Attending: Joan Richmond-Hall, Jenn Phipps, Nate Cleveland, Malcolm Fitzpatrick


Guest: Chris Damiani


Convened at 7:15 pm.


Chris has received our notes about the plan’s first chapters and will incorporate our suggested changes.


We reviewed the housing chapter with special attention to:

  • Affordable housing
  • Housing appropriate for seniors and young families
  • The effects of housing on town resources, like the school
  • Housing as infrastructure
  • Accessory structures as a means to increase affordable housing and densify existing settlements
  • The issue of tiny houses, mobile and not, RVs, campers, etc.


Committee members will send their thoughts to Chris so that he can modify that chapter.


Chris will also send us his notes and changes for Chapter set 3 so that we can review them and comment at our next meeting.


Chapter Set 3


Natural, Scenic, and Cultural Resources

Flood Resilience



  • Mention trails and the fact that they are included on maps in the chapters on land use and where we focus on recreation.
  • Begin developing a glossary of ‘sticky’ terms like: trail, mobile home, RV, tiny house, accessory structure.
  • Consider developing informational ‘portfolio’ that describes developmental choices for residents and those considering development: house vs. PUD vs. mobile home vs. tiny home vs. accessory structure. What can and can’t you easily do? Case studies with multiple options for a example lots in different zoning districts.


Adjourned at 8:40.


Next meeting: 13 September 2018 at 7 pm at the Braintree Town Offices


/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall