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Minutes of the Conservation & Planning Commission Joint Meeting- July 23, 2014

Braintree Joint Conservation / Planning Commission of 23 July 2014


Attending: Linda Morse, Megan O’Toole, Joan Richmond-Hall

Public: Linda Doane

Meeting convened at 7:06 pm.

Minutes of our joint meeting with the PC were approved unanimously.

Linda came to speak with us about the gravel pit situation: we need one! She’s interested in input from the CC.

  • Our current pit is mainly sand.
  • Norm Illsley declined.
  • Paul Rea said no regarding the old Dustin hill pit; word is the pit is depleted.
  • State geologist reports that most easy gravel is depleted and many towns are now quarrying.
  • Potential sites for a quarry?

o   Old quarry on Keegan Haupt’s land near the Bover Road.

  • There’s a group working on a set of ATV trails that plans to renovate the Bover Road.
  • Is the conservation district arbitrarily drawn?

o   The lot right next to and behind the Town Offices… convenient

  • Is this area still part of an active deer yard?
  • Out of state owners might be interested in selling

Water quality: Joan has let WRP know that she can’t do it this summer.

Braintree Mountain trail maintenance: Paul Kendall suggests these dates in Oct: 4/5, 18/19, 25/26. Give these some thoughts. We’ll pick one and start trying to get word out there.

Grant via TRORC: due 30 August

  • Linda will work on a draft for us to review and approve at the August meeting.
  • Select board approval?

Emerald Ash Borer: Megan meets with RCC next week to work on a joint project with neighboring towns. Intent: develop a multi-town plan.

PAGENELLI (Joan) – forest plot management – intersect with EAB – talk to Megan.

Linda attended a talk in Brookfield and got a map of conserved lands in Braintree. A surprising amount of land is conserved!

New member… native Vermont demographic?

Megan got redevelopment grant info from Nate Cleveland. Joan will share it with Bob Moyer, PC, Mark Bannon.

Adjourned at 8:22 pm.

Next meeting: 12 June next PC meeting at Town Offices