Minutes for Special Meeting of the Braintree Board of Listers

To Hear Grievances for the 2019-2020 Tax Year

Braintree Town Office

932 Route 12A

Braintree, VT 05060

Saturday June 1, 2019

8am – 1pm

  1. Call to order – 8:05am. Heather Fernandes, Derek O’Toole and Jackson Evans present.
  1. Scheduled Hearing for Brittany Ciampi – North Road – 8:06am. Ms Ciampi did not appear for the scheduled hearing (as she indicated she may not) nor did she submit objections in writing. Therefore the listers took no action regarding her parcel.
  1. Public Comment / To hear other unscheduled Grievances – none.
  1. Scheduled Hearing for Robert and Tay Simpson – Peth Road – 9:45am. Mr Simpson appeared before the board and offered his objections in writing. He also furnished the board with a bank appraisal of his property as well as a list of changes made to the property since that appraisal was completed. He contends that the town’s assessment of his property is too high and would like a reassessment. Following Mr Simpson’s hearing the listers entered a deliberative session to discuss his case.  
  1. Adjournment 1:00pm – no other property owners appeared before the listers during the scheduled grievance time and the meeting was adjourned by a motion of Ms Fernandes and a second by Mr O’Toole.

Respectfully submitted,

Jackson Evans