Joint meeting Minutes of the Braintree Conservation & Planning Commissions

Joint meeting of the Braintree Conservation & Planning Commissions

22 June 2016


Attending:  Linda Morse, Megan O’Toole, Sandy Stevens, Jenn Phipps, Linda Doane, Bob Moyer, Malcolm Fitzgerald, Joan Richmond-Hall


Convened at 7:10 pm


Discussed issues of energy siting

  • CC will review TRORC regional plan regarding intersection of energy & conservation.
  • PC will review the plan in its entirety and will look at new sample language TRORC has made available for zoning regarding renewable energy.


Land conservation/trust

  • Susan Shea of Brookfield is interested in land conservation across the three towns of Brookfield, Braintree and Randolph.
  • Braintree has a map of conserved properties in Braintree.
  • CC will check with Randolph to see if they’d like to jointly have VLT give a presentation to their publics.


Invasive species

  • Particularly knotweed!
  • Linda road with Jeff Masterson and mapped chervil on about 2/3 of town roads. It’s prevalent. The town isn’t mowing it, but tagging it and then cutting and removing it to the old pit and covering with black tarps.
  • Select board has tasked the CC with a plan to combat knotweed on town properties and along the roads.


Roadside trees

  • There has been confusion about ownership & responsibility regarding roadside trees.
  • Ash become brittle when they die and tend to snap & fall; likely to happen when EAB reaches us.
  • CC may work on doing a windshield survey of roadside trees.
  • The town is working on draft town tree ordinance.
  • Please send comments about the tree policy to Megan


Adjourned at 8:23 pm.