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Conservation Commission Minutes – June 28, 2017

Braintree Conservation Commission

Approved Minutes– Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary


Present:        Tom Cooch, Sanders Stephen, Joan Richmond-Hall, Linda Morse

Absent:          Paul Shriver

Guest:            Jeff Masterson, Town Roads Dept., Gerald Kinney, Supervisor VTrans


  1. May minutes approved
  2. Invasive species – Tom noted that he is seeing wild parsnip, identifiable by yellow blossoms, and that they are flowering now. He contacted Randolph to learn whether they have this invasive plant. Also discussion on Japanese Knotweed – Tom met with Doug Johnson about the use of Roundup. He confirmed that repeated cuttings will not work, but need to apply glyphosate at the end of summer. Property owners can use it, but not in Town or state RoW. Town has to get a permit for usage and the person has to be certified. Gerald Kinney noted that there is a specific time for local application; it will be successful during flowering, but not after. Other methods include fogger application. The exam for qualifying is very hard. Gerald could work for Braintree, if relicensed as a businessman, or could be on loan to Braintree from VTrans. Tom asked about the best approach to the adjacent landowner. Tom moved that there be a test case this summer. Seconded by Sandy and approved unanimously. Town ownership of road and right of way was clarified – it is 24’ 9” from centerline of road. Jeff agreed to talk to residents, as Town will be required to notify adjacent landowner. It was noted that the resolution should be sent to the next Selectboard meeting.
  3. Sandy reported on the Clean Water program. Danielle of the Clean Water program would like to meet with Commission. She will be invited for July or August meeting. It was noted that the Ayers Brook Management plan is on the web.


  1. Newsletter – No comments on the first issue. It includes a picture of wild parsnip. We ask people to contact the BCC if it is seen. Tom requested content for next issue, including on energy planning


  1. The meeting was adjourned to reconvene as a joint meeting with the Braintree Planning Committee on the energy planning being done by TROQ.



Next Conservation Commission meeting:

Wed., July 26, 7pm at Town offices.