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Conservation Commission Minutes – June 26, 2019

Present:  Tom Cooch, Linda Morse, Joan Richmond–Hall, Paul Shriver

Mr. Cooch called the meeting to order at 7:07

No Public comments

The minutes for the May 22, 2019, meeting were approved as written.

2019 Knotweed Spraying Inspection

The Selectboard had forgotten that Mr. Cooch met with them on April 2 and declared the Conservation Commission’s willingness to make recommendations for knotweed spraying this summer on the condition that its members view with Jerold Kinney the areas he sprayed last summer. Jerold and Jeff Masterson are already working on a plan.

Megan met recently with Mr. Cooch and agreed that we should be able to view the areas sprayed, even though a spraying plan is already being developed.

Mr. Cooch will contact Jerold again and ask for either dates on which he would be willing to show us the areas. If this does not work out, we will request a list of the sites he sprayed and visit them on our own.

Poison Parsnip Progress on Route 12

Ms. Richmond-Hall, Mr. Stephen, and Mr. Cooch met with knotweed expert Mike Bald on June 26th, along with Jenny David from the Randolph Conservation Commission and Jon Binhammer from the Brookfield Conservation Commission. The team of six pulled approximately 1000 plants along Route 12 between Farm All Fix and Peth Road. Mr. Cooch has subsequently pulled another 300.

Wildlife Corridors

Ms. Richmond-Hall is planning to involve some of her students in preparing a database of property owners in the southern section of Town between Riford Brook and Thayer Brook  Roads. Some properties may be rezoned as Conservation and others may keep their present zoning but receive waivers for development in return for conservation easements for corridors.

There is no need for the Conservation Commission to get involved at this time.


A draft of an article on the three-commission poison parsnip work party is the only one so far for the next issue of the newsletter. Mr. Shriver said he thought we should go with the issue even if it was short on content. Mr. Cooch suggested picking one of the topics for the first two month of July highlighted in the Northland Woodlands calendar. He will send out these possible topics to commission members to see if anyone is willing to write this up.

Next Meeting Date

Our July meeting will be on the 24th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Cooch