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Starting on Tuesday, July 5th, the bridge on RT 12 over Ayers Brook in East Braintree, VT will be down to one lane. The Bridge/Route 12 will be closed to all traffic beginning Tuesday, July 19th - August 17, 2022.… Read More...

Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2020

Braintree CC minutes of 26 Feb 2020 meeting


Attending: Linda Morse, Joan Richmond-Hall, Sandy Stephens, Paul Shriver


Convened at 7:05 pm


WRP will be doing a presentation on 11 March at 6:30 RTCC in conjunction with Randolph and Brookfield’s CC.

Looking for a donation of cookies.


Should we have a speaker from DEC regarding PFOAs and Randolph’s sewage treatment plant?

  • Joan will investigate possible speakers, etc.


No joy yet with new members.


Review goals:

  • Joint meeting with Brookfield and Randolph CCs
  • Thayer Brook work?
  • Vernal Pool surveys?


Provisional work dates for Thayer Brook: Saturday 18 April or 25 April.


Adjourned at 7:50 pm.


Next meeting Wednesday 11 March at 6:30 pm at the town offices for the WRP presentation.


/s/ Joan Richmond-Hall