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Conservation Commission – May 23, 2018

DRAFT Braintree Conservation Commission

Minutes– Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary


Present:  Tom Cooch, Paul Shriver, Sanders Stephen, Linda Morse

Guest – Jeff Masterson, Roads Dept.


  1. No Public comments
  2. April 2018 minutes approved
  3. Discussion of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB): including the management approach of preemptive cutting of roadside ash trees (which other VT towns have done.
    Sandy and Tom did a roadside survey of ash trees on a 6 mile loop, identifying ash trees as least 6 inches in diameter within 16 feet from the roadway center. The estimate was 406 trees. Multiplied by 42 miles of Braintree class 2 and 3 roads yields a total of about 2,800 roadside ash trees. It was agreed to explore Randolph’s approach (Paul will contact the Town, including cost estimates) and also what New Hampshire is doing. Jeff noted that his department is very busy and has little extra time to do tree removal. There was a question about the role of the electric utilities in removal and also what Larry Benoir’s role would be as tree warden.
  4. Japanese Knotweed control – Jeff has a budget of $500 to do removal with roadside spraying. A question was raised on Gerald Kinney’s role, given his experience with VTRANS. He has had experience with knotweed removal. Tom will contact Megan about this question. Jeff noted that he is experimenting with digging up the weed and covering with plastic or road mats.
  5. Thayer Brook Rd. natural site – Tom visited and noted that there are many weeds  and proposed a work day to do removal and cover knotweed. The tentative date is Jun 8 at


  1. Vernal Pools – Tom reported that members of the BCC have visited ones on the properties of Kevin Hall, Jan Gray, and Keith Gallant. Linda noted that she has spotted a potential one near Mud Pond; tom ans Linda agreed to visit the site.
  2. Neonicotinoids – There was agreement that this information should go in the BCC newsletter, and also possibly in the Herald.
  3. Newsletter – Agreement that the newsletter looks really good. June issue will include article on EAB.
  4. Bylaws for the Conservation Commission – we will contact Susan Shea who is starting a Brookfield Conservation Commission for possible information
  5. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm

    Next Conservation Commission meeting: Wed., June 27, 2018, 7pm at Town offices.