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Cemetery Commission Minutes – May 2, 2018

Braintree Cemetery Commission  – May 2, 2018

DRAFT Minutes of Meeting


Attendees: Jason Kuhn, Ed Smith, Linda Morse, Kris Haupt

Jason Kuhn called the meeting to order at 7:00pm


  1. Minutes for December 20176 meeting – Moved and approved
  2. Election of BCC Chairperson – Kris Haupt was elected unanimously
  3. Election of BCC Secretary – Linda Morse was elected unanimously
  4. Designation of the cemeteries to BCC members:

Ed Smith – Lower Branch, Ford and Connecticut Corners

Linda Morse – Braintree Hill

Jason Kuhn – Spear, Mann, East Braintree

Kris Haupt – Mountain View and Brown


  1. Mowing Contract for 2018 – Amount is $9,000 per year for a two year mowing contract. Spring cleanup is billed separately; there is no fall cleanup. The insurance is up to date and the Town has a copy of Jasons’ Handiworks insurance policy. Acceptance of the contract was moved and approved.
  2. New business – Clayt Butterfield will bill the Commission for the flags – $174. Kris will follow-up with Clayt on whether this billing is for last year or this year.
  3. Discussion on letter from Janice Thresher – Linda will call Janice on the website information. Kris will post the agenda each month at the three sites required by the Town. Linda will submit the unapproved minutes to the Town for posting on the website and then submit the approved minutes.
  4. Old business – Kris will call Green Mountain Memorials about Artemis stone at the Braintree Cemetery.
  5. New business – Jason is working on sorting out the plot for Deborah Carter (2 two person plots) , including reviewing the town records.
  6. Citizens comments – none
  7. Next meeting– June 6,

    Adjourned at 7:45pm