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Cemetery Commission Minutes – June 3, 2015

Braintree Cemetery Commission  – Minutes of Meeting –June 3, 2015


Attendees: Kris Haupt, Jason Kuhn, Ed Smith, Linda Morse; Absent: Keegan Haupt


Kris Haupt called the meeting to order at 7pm


  • Minutes for May 6 meeting – Motion to approve by Ed Smith, seconded by Jason Kuhn. Approved
  • Citizens Comments – none
  • Cemetery Commission Financials – Town Clerk Jesse Brassard went over the Commission’s finances, including  amounts in 18 month CDs, 7 day CDs and total funds in Bank ($83,688.51).  Of this $68, 963.17 is from bequests leaving $14,725.34. Mowing for the 2015 is paid for. There is $1,100 for Spring cleanup.
  • Tree at the Braintree Hill Cemetery – Kris moved that the Commission talk to Bruce Cameron about removal, Ed seconded. Motion approved.
  • Report on stone repairs by Dale Barnard – Costs have been about $3000 per year for over a 3 year period and up to $10,000 over 3 year period to be designated to Lower Branch Cemetery. Mr Ed Smith is in charge of that cemetery.
  • Other business – Ed will be fixing the fence at the E. Braintree cemetery after July 4th – he already has the supplies.
  • It was moved and approved that the meeting adjourn at 8pm.


Submitted by Linda Morse, Secretary, Braintree Cemetery Commission