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Cemetery Commission Minutes – July 10, 2019

Braintree Cemetery Commission

Minutes of meeting unapproved

Attendees: Kris Haupt, Ed Smith, Chris Blanchard, Mike Gaidys

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 on July 10th

1. Minutes from  June 5th, 2019 meeting. Approval of minutes was moved by Ed, seconded by Mike and with no objections.

2. Signs for cemetery regulations. 8 metal signs and 8 metal posts will be ordered, not to exceed $500.  Two signs will be posted at each cemetery. 

3. Kris will contact Jason Handiworks to get a quote from him for mowing services and report back at the next meeting on August 7th. 

4.  New Business

   a. Kris repaired the flagpole at Braintree Meetinghouse.

5. Michael will be taking Linda’s place keeping watch of the Braintree Hill Cemetery.

6. Chris Blanchard shared concerns about Traffic through the East Braintree cemetery to go to a neighboring junkyard. He also noticed that the wooden fence needs repair and a leaning gravestone 

needs to be uprighted. This work will be done June 14th at 9:00 by all four members.

7. Kris Haupt mentioned that there is a parcel of land at Mountain View Cemetery that needs mowing.

8. At 7:21 Kris moved adjournment and Ed seconded it.

Submitted by Michael Gaidys

Next Cemetery Commission meeting will be August 7th at 7:00