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07/05/2022 Approved Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Approved Minutes

Braintree Selectboard Meeting

 July 5, 2022 at 6:00 pm

The meeting was held both in-person, videoconferencing and via conference call to follow Vermont’s Open Meeting Law.  The meeting can be accessed via the below options: 

Join the meeting: https://meetings.dialpad.com/braintreesbmotoole
Optional dial-in number: 802-210-4472 PIN: 16445
International access numbers available here: https://meetings.dialpad.com/international.”

Present at the Town Office:

Megan O’Toole, Selectboard Chairperson                         Daniel Burson, Selectboard Vice-Chair                                 Loren Bent, Selectboard Member                                   Charles McMeekin, Selectboard Member

Keegan Haupt, Selectboard Member                            Janice R. Russell, Administrative Assistant

Dylan Pratt, Road Foreman                                                         Jackson Evans, Director of Listers   Stacey Renner, Braintree Citizen                                                   Michael Czok, Braintree Citizen Doug Gottshall, Braintree Citizen                                            Kate Van Hauten, Braintree Citizen

Ms. O’Toole called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.  A roll call was done to confirm what members and citizens were in attendance via teleconferencing.

The Board reviewed the agenda and moved the Old Business Section before the New Business Section.  The Free Book Box topic was moved to the top of the Old Business Section.  The Town Roads Traffic Survey Follow-up and Gravel Pit Updates were tabled due to lack of new information at this time.  The Emergency Management Director was unable to present a report.  The Fire Advisory Representative report was added.

On motion of Mr. Haupt, seconded by Mr. Burson, the Board unanimously approved the minutes from the Regular Selectboard Meeting on June 22, 2022. 

Citizens comments limited to 3 minutes per person with a 15-minute maximum – No comments other than for the topics warned on the agenda.

Stacey Renner once again voiced discontent with how the Highway Crew posted signs during the most recent work on Thayer Brook Road.  Ms. Renner also questioned the results of the recent ditch and culver work along the Thayer Brook Road corridor.

Doug Gottshall requested further information on what would be the next steps if a decision was made to challenge the recent DRB’s permit to allow Bent Hill Brewery to extend its hours.  Mr. Gottshall also inquired about the Town of Braintree’s regulations regarding shooting a gun after dark to disperse destructive wildlife.  He also requested information on the procedure to remove trees in the Town’s right-of-way.


  • Highway Report – The Blue Tractor is still down for repairs.  Allstate Materials has requested permission to stockpile materials in the Town Garage yard while their paving of Route 12A.  The Selectboard requested the Administrative Assistant contact VLCT PACIF for insurance coverage information before deciding on the request.
  • Fire Advisory Report – The advisory committee has met with the purchase of a new pumper/tanker for the East Randolph Fire Department being the main topic.

Old Business 

  • Route 12 Bridge Work Update – A pre-construction teleconference meeting occurred on Thursday, June 30th, to get all Emergency Services, the Town, the State, and the Construction Company prepared for the work to begin.  Due to the planned increase in detour traffic during the construction period the Town is negotiating with the Sheriff’s Department to patrol the affected Town roads.
  • Town Roads Traffic Survey Follow-up – The Town is still awaiting further information from TRORC on the time frame of the surveys.  The topic was tabled until said information is obtained.
  • ARPA Funding Planning Committee Follow-up – The committee met for the first time on Wednesday, June 28th, to discuss the amount of money the Town was awarded and to begin a list of the best way for using the funds.  Digitizing the Town Records, Cybersecurity on Town computers, assisting citizens in getting internet access and using the funds to fight invasive insects and plants were the suggested uses for the funds.  The committee will continue to meet monthly to discuss further possible usage of the funds.
  • Free Book Box at the Overhang at the Town Hall Follow-up – Michael Czok delivered the Barrister Box tonight for the Town to take possession.  Mr. Haupt will make the necessary repairs and get the box placed at the Braintree Town Hall. 
  • Violations of Trash Ordinances on 3 Braintree Properties Follow-up – A new letter will be sent to the Thayer Brook Road and Riford Brook Road property owners regarding the continued violations of the Town’s Trash Ordinance and the possibility of penalties being levied.
  • Gravel Pit Updates – This topic was tabled until the July 19, 2022, meeting.
  • Painting the Salt Shed Follow-up – This topic was tabled until the July 19, 2022, meeting.

New Business

  • Howard Property Pond-Re: Dry Hydrant – Jackson explained the tax assessment system for having a pond, including a dry hydrant pond, on a property.  He checked with other towns for their feedback on the subject and came up with the same answer that a pond, even a dry hydrant pond is taxable.  There are certain statutory requirements the Listers must follow when assessing a property.
  • Charges to Rochester for Plowing/Sanding – This topic was tabled until the October 4, 2022, meeting to set-up budget process for the FY ’24 season.
  • New 2023 Truck Purchase – The wait time for purchasing a new truck has lengthened due to material supply disruptions so it was recommended to the Road Commissioner and Foreman to begin the purchasing process now although the actual purchase of the 2023 Truck will not occur until FY ’24.

Payment orders –   The Selectboard reviewed the Payment Orders.  

On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. McMeekin, the Board unanimously approved the payment orders.


On motion of Ms. O’Toole, seconded by Mr. Bent, the Board unanimously adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,

Janice R. Russell

Administrative Assistant