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06/02/2022 Approved Development Review Board Meeting Minutes



Braintree Town Hall

June 2, 2022

Board Members in attendance: Bob Moyer, Chair, Joan Richmond Hall, Linda Doane, Jenn Phipps, Steve Zind, Malcolm Fitzpatrick

Interested Persons:  Michael Czok, Chelsie Brown, Michael Epchook, Marge Czok, Mike Czok, Kate Van Houten, Lloyd Gottshall

Braintree Citizens in attendance:  Robin Crandall, Star Yesman, Kimberly Lakin, Jordan Taylor, Eric Garvin, Andrew Bent, Zo Hardy, Kelly Gray, George Gray, Dennis Connor, Beth Telford, Zac Freeman

The Hearing was called to order by Chair Bob Moyer at 7:00pm

The Warning was read.  The Braintree Hill Brewery is requesting a change to the Conditional Use Permit to allow year-round hours 12-8pm Thursday-Sunday.

Mike Czok presented his request.  The original permit was based on his original request for shorter winter hours.  Subsequently his additional permits were based on operating year-round 12-8, and he proceeded on that basis, thinking that those permits superseded the originally stipulated hours.  He would now like his Conditional Use permit revised to reflect the additional hours.

Many of those attending as “interested parties” spoke of their support of the brewery, the benefits to the community of a gathering place to socialize, a facility in the neighborhood for family outings, and the benefits to the Town of having a place to draw folks from surrounding towns to enjoy Braintree’s scenic qualities.

Two other residents spoke against the request.  They mentioned the dangers of additional traffic on a narrow gravel road later in the evening, especially under winter conditions.  They also mentioned the effects of evening revelry on the peaceful, quiet nature of this Rural I district.

After all interested parties had been heard, the public portion of the hearing was closed at 8:10pm and the Board went into executive session.