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05/12/2022 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes


Town office Paul, Jackson and Jen in person and Nate and Malcom remotely

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:03 with a roll call of those attending the meeting both in person and remotely. 
  • Public Comments:  No comments made
  • The PC reviewed proposed edits and noted that there was a need to confirm with TRORC if “mapped flood plain” is correct and used throughout the town plan.
  •   Need to confirm data in section 4.1 w/TRORC
  • 3.7.1 – Flood prone vs. floodplain?  What is the right way to state this?  Check w/TRORC
  • Page 7 2.1 last bulletienpoint does the 6% refer children vs. households living in poverty – (nate to confirm w/TROC)
  • 4.6.2 add footnote available programs for weatherization and energy efficiency
  • 4.7.3 how prescriptive do we want to be about “preferred solar/energy”, do we want to say where we do not want these project
  • TRORC how to implement land use and energy preference map
  • Implementation Matrix what are short, medium long
  • Next steps:  clean draft to all PC, potential for implementation matrix to be chronological order (by chapter) and add an appendix by responsible party; PC will vote on final draft in June; after affirmative vote, the draft will be distributed to the SB, other town parties and TRORC for comments.  July will compile and incorporate any comments we receive; and then vote to begin the adoption process (PC public hearing, SB public hearing then adoption by SB)

PC discussed the Act 250 dispute related to operating hours at the Bent Hill Brewery.  There is a potential for the town to request TRORC to complete a traffic study and that it will be likely that the DRB will be reviewing a permit amendment at some point.