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04/22/2020 Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes

Braintree, VT Conservation Commission

Minutes, 04/22/2020

Present: (by teleconference)

Gina Logan, Linda Morse, Paul Shriver, Sandy Stephen, Joan Richmond-Hall



  • Public comment—none at this time
  • Approval of March minutes—there was no March meeting, so no minutes to approve
  • Information from Joan re: DEC/PFOAS and Randolph sewage treatment plant: deferred to May meeting
  • Introductions: Gina (Regina) Logan, 60 Murphy Rd., Braintree (logan.writer@gmail.com; 802-728-9080) is a new member of the commission as of March 2020
  • Review of goals/ discussion of new goals:
  • Work with Randolph/ Brookfield?

Discussion: sponsor/ hold a presentation on pollinators.  Linda will look through her notes from a presentation she attended previously. Sandy wondered about the “bee folks” in

Brookfield; he will look into his contacts. Linda will look into Brian Lowe from Randolph, who works with birds (banding kestrels, etc.).

  • The bird count was also mentioned as omething we could participate in (winter bird count/ spring bird count).
  • Everyone will report back at the May meeting and we will plan a presentation on pollinators going forward.
  • Work on Thayer Brook: deferred to summer due to COVID-19 restrictions on gathering/ social distancing. We will discuss the situation at the next meeting, when perhaps some restrictions will have been lifted or modified.
  • The meeting ended at 7:50 p.m.
  • Next meeting (27 May, 7 p.m.) will be via Zoom. Joan will host. An invitation will be emailed; to participate, members should click on the link provided in the body of the email.  Make sure to test your device’s audio and video (camera).




Minutes respectfully submitted by Gina Logan