04/14/2022 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes


Town office Paul, Jackson and Jen in person and Nate remotely

  • Section 1.6 item 7; enabling residents to move homes from sites within floodplain.  No clear action/policy yet.  How to include language to help people protect their property from natural disasters.   1) add to goals/actions is this sufficient to include in plan?   Consensus = yes to protect residential properties.  Connect w/climate change goals?  Combine in another section?  Paul will take a first look see where we can identify goals/
  • Page 7 2.1 last bulletienpoint does the 6% refer children vs. households living in poverty – (nate to confirm w/TROC)
  • Pg. 8 ; 2.3 struck language on night work
  • 3.4.2 confirm scenic roads are in action items
  • 3.5.2 – good edits from Malcom appreciated and accepted
  • 3.5.4 – add goal to encourage more dense residential mixed use development in appropriate areas out of natural floodplain (nate to wordsmith)
  • 3.6.1 – runoff will be mitigated to the extent possible under state law
  • 3.6.2 –
  • 4.1 confirm data(nate to follow up w/TRORC)
  • 4.7.3 subsection 3
  • Matrix (chapter 5)
    • Paul – overview of proposed Policy and action matrix to help guide town with priorities. 
    • JP – will the matrix replace the old chapater 5?  Yes, this will be the concise version
    • JE – combining similar actions makes it more clear, and specific action can be referred back to its number.
    • NC timeframe is too narrow (short term 3 years; medium term 4-8 years and long term 8+years)
    • Nate – what is a low priority
    • Jenn – develop a program to identify trees upon the roadway (conservation commission)
  • Prior to May – suggestions on Matrix – next step finalize changes to the matrix w/TRORC comments/edits.  May 12th Next agenda – adopt draft plan for circulation to town officials;