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ROAD CLOSURE NOTICE - Beginning 06/24/2024 Thresher Road will be closed from just North of Woodchuck Hollow Road to Connecticut Corners Road. This road closure will last for several weeks while construction work is being completed. Read More...

Tips To Stay Safe During Winter Storms

Winter storm season is here, and GMP is encouraging customers to plan ahead, just as we’re looking ahead and preparing through storm hardening and undergrounding lines and expanding access to home energy solutions. Last winter saw a record number of damaging storms requiring multi-day repairs, as climate change continues to intensify the severity and frequency of bad weather across Vermont.

Steps you can take now, to prepare for storms:
Keep your cellphone charged
Download the GMP app to help you report an outage and track restoration times
Have some bottled water and non-perishable food on hand
Have flashlights and fresh batteries where you can easily find them
Make a plan for where you can go if power is out for an extended time

Storm safety reminders:
Pay attention to the weather forecast and changing conditions
Stay far away from any downed lines
Always assume downed lines and trees are energized – you cannot tell by looking at them
Call GMP to report downed lines
Call 911 for medical emergencies
Call Vermont 211 for help with emergency housing and more

More storm preparation and safety tips are available on GMP’s website at: https://greenmountainpower.com/safety/