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ROAD CLOSURE NOTICE - Beginning 06/24/2024 Thresher Road will be closed from just North of Woodchuck Hollow Road to Connecticut Corners Road. This road closure will last for several weeks while construction work is being completed. Read More...

Emergency Services & Resources

Emergency Services

Photo courtesy Bob Eddy.
Photo courtesy Bob Eddy.

Fire services:

Braintree contracts with the Town of Randolph for fire services. For more information visit: https://randolphvt.org/index.asp?SEC=B94654CA-C913-4641-A79F-BCB5968278E6. Braintree Fire Advisory Committee representative is Loren Bent.

White River Valley Ambulance:

Braintree contracts with the White River Valley Ambulance Service for emergency medical services. For more information visit: http://whiterivervalleyambulance.org/. Braintree WRVA representative is Linda Lubold.